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The contest was to design an app for the Microsoft HoloLens platform as a solution for any challenge in healthcare. The ISE team created an app called NurseLens, a unique solution for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to access nurses or doctors for instant treatment recommendations on the go. The NurseLens is aimed to facilitate expert oversight and support for EMTs during transport and prepare emergency rooms for the arrival of a patient. Because the mortality risk increases by 2.2% for every additional minute during the transport and handover process, NurseLens may save time during transport and patient handover, which can save cost as well.

The NurseLens app is intended to work as follows: an EMT can stream the current status of hospitals near the emergency scene by wearing the HoloLens headset with the NurseLens. The headset is connected to the internet, which would provide access to a nurse or doctor in the hospital who can watch the emergency scene and recommend specific treatment or medication. The hospital’s emergency department can prepare for any complex procedure that may be needed once the patient arrives.


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